PG & E on Earth Day

Seriously PG & E?!!!! On Earth Day? Update coming later today…


EARTH DAY: Do Something Different


I believe when you are working towards a goal that it is important to stop periodically and assess if what you have done and the current path you are on is the correct course of action to achieve your goal. So, I ask those of you who read this post, if you love this planet we live on and want to save or preserve it, to think hard about if our current course of action is really going to benefit the earth. Has it stopped the destruction of the rainforests? Did buying that hybrid or electric car of yours stop the 93,000 acres of rainforests that are destroyed each DAY… not month and not year, but each day… 93,000 acres. At that rate in just 38.3 hours an area of rainforest the size of the city of San Francisco is destroyed.

Worrying about our carbon output is distracting us from more important issues. Destruction of natural habitats, and not just rainforests. Trees in rural areas are plowed down and the land is developed on as urban populations expand outward instead of up. Do you really think cutting back your carbon footprint is going to benefit the earth? Is the prevention of oceans from raising a few inches really more important than saving trees and natural habitats. Who or what would suffer if the seas raised a few inches? It would hurt humans… coastal cities. I doubt a few inches or feet would do much for other animals, if they had to they would move, or migrate, and they would adapt. Who refuses to move? Who tries to control its environment instead of live harmoniously in it… humans. Animals and nature can and will adapt as long as we don’t destroy them… humans refuse to adapt.

Our current course is not a course set to save the earth. It’s a course to try to control it. We need to change our course. Let’s try something different starting right now on Earth Day. Let’s focus our attention on saving rainforests.

Jungle Jaxx the Game App: Launches April 11th 2015


The Jungle Jaxx game app will launch for iPad on Saturday April 11th, 2015. This will be the first device it will be available on. And it will be coming to iPhones and Android devices in the near future.

This game has been a favorite of my son and my nieces and nephews who helped me test the app through the development process.

You can find more info about the app and find out where you can download the app at

I’m Having Second Thoughts About Releasing My Game App


I’m having second thoughts about releasing my game app. Why? Well… it’s too awesome!

I’m sitting here finishing up some items in the game. And preparing a devel version so some of my nieces and nephews can play it again, to help me test it. Last weekend was their first time playing it. I couldn’t get them off it. They huddled around the iPad the game app was loaded on, and the person who was had possession of it, waiting for their turn to play. And after they got their turn, they waited some more to play again… and again… and again.

I don’t know if I can release this game in all good conscience. This game is too much fun! It could have disastrous affects on this world if it gets too popular. And I fear it will get too popular. People might forgo going outside just so they can continue playing. We all have heard in the last several years news reports complaining about the amount of time people spend on their smart devices and less time with other activities.

Releasing this game app would be like a smart device apocalypse. If by chance you are able to pull yourself away from this game to take a breath of fresh air outside, you would find yourself wondering if your in a post-zombie apocalypse and you’re the last human on earth. No other humans in sight. No sounds of cars, no sounds of lawn mowers, no sounds of children playing outside. No humans at all… well no humans outside, because they’re inside playing this incredible app.

So now do you see why I’m having second thoughts? I can’t stand the thought of lifeless playgrounds and soccer fields at the parks. Puppy dogs not being played with. Sad stuff. But a fun game.

-Jungle Jaxx

What-cha-gonna-call-it ???


Here’s a partial preview of Jungle Jaxx’s nemesis. Haven’t fully settled on on name yet… any ideas?! Right now he’s called Crago. Not sure if he’s a mutant giant armadillo, mixed with some other creatures, that the evil loggers created to keep Jungle Jaxx from saving the rainforest. Or if he’s a creature from another planet. What ever he is, he’s definitely not your friend.

If you have a suggestion for a better name then leave a comment below with your suggestions. And please share this post. Maybe your friends have a good suggestion.